The Distribution


After the war, Jack Croft became involved in another challenging mission, that of administering aid from a fund, known as the Distribution, set up by the British Government at the request of the Duke of Wellington to provide relief to families suffering as a result of the devastation  caused to the Portuguese countryside by the invading armies.  

Jack Croft's Distribution Trunk 
The joint chairmen of the fund were Jack Croft and a Portuguese judge, Gaudêncio Torres.

They left Lisbon in September 1811 with a team of 17 volunteers and returned in July 1812, covering nearly 5,000 miles on horseback and distributing aid in various forms to many thousands of people.   In recognition of this work, he was awarded a baronetcy by the British, becoming Sir John Croft of Cowling Hall, and later given the title of Baron of Serra da Estrela by the Portuguese crown.