The Croft family


Meanwhile, the Thompson and the Croft families had become connected through the marriage  in 1681 of Frances Thompson of Kirby Hall, the Thompson family home, and Thomas Croft of Hull.

Thompson Family at Kirby Hall: Gawen Hamilton 1733 


The first Croft to become a partner in the Port firm in Oporto was John Croft, the first of a string of Crofts of that name, who joined the firm in 1736 at the age of 42. Shortly afterwards the company became known as Tilden, Thompson and Croft.

The second John Croft was the author of the first detailed book about Port,A Treatise on the Wines of Portugal, which he published in 1788. His nephew, John Croft III was born in York but spent most of his life in Portugal, remaining a partner from 1777 to 1800. It was during his time as partner that the firm produced the earliest known Vintage Port, the Croft 1781. This was followed by Vintage Ports from 1784, 1785 and 1786.

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